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Put the power of Hyper-Local Marketing & Video Marketing to work for you

It's a proven marketing program that will get your auto shop offer and location in the hands of customers 80k-100k times a month!

Ask us about complimenting your local marketing with online video marketing at no extra charge! ($790 value)

We have helped many other auto shops (scroll down the page) and we can help you too.

Let's have a 10 minute call to discuss how we can help your auto shop increase it's business and profit margin!

10 Minute Meeting to discuss::

  • How To calculate your ROI

  • Create a creative offer to maximize results

  • Show you real examples of what other companies are doing to increase their sales!

Fill out the short form now and our representative will contact you to setup a quick meeting.  

Perfect for:​

  • Auto / Car Repair Shops

  • Quick Oil Change Shops

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We'll contact you. Or Call Rob now at 713-478-9440

Top 4 Reasons To Advertise With Your Local Grocery Store:

  1. Your ad will be printed and put in the hands of customers, 2700-3500+ times a DAY.

  2. Your ad is designed to increase the average transaction price (increase profit)

  3. Your ad is designed to increase new business and increase repeat business. That's right, your customers who already love you will come back more times and spend more money.

  4. It works! See what other business owners are saying!

Here's what other auto shop owners are saying!

"I have been advertising now for 5 years on multiple stores. Love the exposure so we are renewing again!." - Judy Curry - Craftsman Auto Care

"We are seeing a good return on our investment and recommend this program to other businesses like ours! We've been with IndoorMedia for 9 years now and have just renewed. Our average purchase per ticket is $50.00 and we receive about 15 coupons a month. This means $750.00 in revenue each month.!" - B J German - GNS Auto Repairs

""I would recommend this program to other businesses. I have been with IndoorMedia for ten plus years now and receive two coupons per day. Also, I have renewed with RTUI and find it an excellent investment. Average Ticket Purchase Price $200" -Daniel G. - Auto Check

"I have been on the Kroger for a couple of years and my return on investment is good. I would recommend this type of advertising to other businesses." -Roy Jordan - Meineke

"We have been participating in the register tape program for three years now and have had a good return on our investment. I will definitely renew our advertising and would recommend that other businesses try this type of advertising.!"
-Humberto Martinez - Cullen Mobil Auto Services

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Real Ads That Get Real Results!

 "10-20 coupons a day"

FACT: One of the most proven techniques to generate new customers and increase repeat business is to create an irresistible offer! 

But the offer is just the beginning.  Getting the offer in front of your target market on a regular bases is KEY to your success!

Video Mojo has been promoting local business for years, and now we have partnered with IndoorMedia to bring a fantastic offer directly to you! And if you place your order through Video Mojo, you'll receive a voucher towards a FREE PROMO VIDEO to use anyway you wish! ($790 value)

Video Mojo owns/operates  TruVisit is a website that promotes local restaurants, shops, boutiques and more!

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