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Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a powerful and persuasive message about your business,
and deliver that message directly to the people who have a need for your service.

Using Video Marketing Effectively

Do more with your video

If you think a video can only help your online marketing, you're missing the BIG picture.

We want to know where you're spending your advertising dollars, and we'll show you how video can improve the effectiveness of your print advertising, brochures, flyers, business cards and more!


Change what your doing

If you want different results, you have to change what your doing.

Video can work for any company in any industry.  We've helped companies in the healthcare industry, retail, childcare, resorts, insurance, accounting, dog kennel, real estate developments, home products, the service industry and more.  We helped them, we can help you too!


It's all about your ROI

If the only positive thing you can say about your video is that it "looks good", then you have wasted your money.

One of the first questions we'll ask you is "What do you want your video to do for your company?"  There are many ways a video can help your business grow. It can help your company generate leads, raise awareness, announce a new product or service and more.  We'll produce a video with your specific goal in mind.  And we'll do it at a very reasonable price.



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A Candid Discussion About
Video Marketing

Rob Eppolito, Owner of Video Mojo, was a guest on Houston business radio show The Price Of Business.  He discussed how video marketing is an effective way to advertise.


Bet started today.  Call us now for a no obligation consultation. 713-783-7510.

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Video Mojo is a Houston video marketing company.