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Rob Eppolito

Videographer | Storyteller | Producer

Videos Produced 500+.  I get to use my talent to make a living. I’m a storyteller. My title is Videographer, but really what I do is convey someone’s message using the power of video.  My business allows me to meet so many fascinating people and see wonderful places. Yes, I’m blessed.  BTW I think everyone is blessed with a talent. Figure out yours and make the most of it! 

More about Rob Eppolito, Owner of Video Mojo &

Rob Eppolito, Owner of Video Mojo & TruVisit, has volunteered his time and his video marketing services for many good causes.

  • Member of the Board of The HUB Houston.
    The HUB Houston is a relationship-centered educational program serving teenagers and young adults with neurological differences. They bring belonging to life in a community where members are Heard, Understood and Believed in. I'm on the board and I also produce their video that is shown at their yearly fund raiser.

  • Volunteer Video Work for various Non Profits

  • Volunteer with CAP
    I love animals, so therefore volunteering for Citizens For Animal Protection is a natural fit. It was founded in 1972, is committed to: Sheltering, rescuing and placing homeless animals in loving homes; Advocating respect and compassion for all animal life; Providing humane education to prevent animal cruelty; Raising awareness in the community of the needs of animals.
    I provide my video services for their annual Gala and throughout the year to help them get the word out about all the wonderful things they do!

  • Houston Pets Alive
    I produced a video free of charge to help Houston Pets Alive get the word out about the wonderful work they do. If my video saved one animal's life it was worth it.

  • ESCAPE Family Resource Center
    I produce a video for ESCAPE, they used it at their yearly dinner to raise funds for their cause. What a wonderful organization.

  • Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa
    I produced a video for Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa to help them get their story out there. If this video helped to save one human life it was well worth it.

  • St Michael's Church
    I volunteered my time to help paint fences for several half-way houses.

  • St. Cyril of Alexandria
    Respite care for an elderly couple. One of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had!

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